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Keep in mind I only started cosplaying in summer 2009

Anything with a strike through is something I don't consider good enough to be mentioned as a real cosplay. :'| And will possibly be remade or not sometime in the future

Finished cosplays

Anime Expo
-Seychelles (2 versions)
-Gurdy the moogle from Final Fantasy XII
-Bulbasaur gijinka
-Female Korea

-Enma Ai from Hell Girl
-Fem Italy (official design!)
-Rigby from the Regular show
-Fem Dean Winchester (changing channel ver)

Anime LA
-Casual Canada
-Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service
-White Mage from Final Fantasy
-Mulan (Ping Version) from Mulan
-Fem Cole Phelps (hawkshaw outfit) from LA Noire*[photoshoot only]

Other events
-Hetalia Gakuen Seychelles
-Gryffindor female student
-Lolita Sherlock

Pacific Media Expo
-Luke Triton from Professor Layton
-Claudia Auditore da Firenze assassin version from Assassin Creed Brotherhood

Long Beach Comic Con
-1940s Batman 

-1940s Iron Man

Planned cosplays

Other Events
-Fem Dean Winchester 
-Loli Batman

Anime LA

-Music Meister
-Fem Kato from the Green Hornet movie

Anime Expo
-Genderbent!Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney
-Korra from Legend of Korra
-Fem Spain
-Toni Stark (lab version)

San Diego Comic Con*
-Toni Stark (armor version)


Long Beach Comic Con
-Connor Ratohnhaketon from Assassin's Creed III
-Aveline de Grandpré from Assassin's Creed Liberation

Pacific Media Expo

Want to do cosplays (aka cosplays I can probably do and pull off but doesn't have time and/or
REALLY need to stop planning so many)

-Little Plum from Apollo Justice
-Lamiroir from Apollo Justice
-Maya Fey from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
-Cactuar from Final Fantasy
-Leixia from Soul Calibur 5

Dream cosplays(Aka cosplays I can do when I stop being a whale B'|)
-Fang from Final Fantasy XIII
-Xianghua from Soul Calibur (probably 2 or 3)
-Female China
-Black Rose from Dot Hack
-Sakura Kinomoto from Card captor Sakura
-Franziska von Karma from Phoenix Wright: Justice For All
-Rhoda Teneiro from Perfect Prosecutor :)
-Cammy Meele from Perfect Prosecutor
-Kay Faraday from Perfect Prosecutor
-Tenten from Naruto Shippuden
-Artemis from Young Justice

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Somehow. just having the dumbest dream of still being alive ten or even fifteen years from now to be able to be around to spoil my friends' children rotten is making me smile. Ehehehe. I didn't have anything quite like this a year or two ago. 

* w * I guess this is what it's like to grow up and realizing your friends are gonna have little bundles of nerd just around the corner. 
Loving cactus!

Holiday Cards~~~

Is that time of the year again YEAH. I would have done this earlier but I've been busy getting my ass kicked by school. SO UH I guess you can leave your addresses and shit here/through pms/twitter dms/tumblr ask ETC ETC. 

Also man look at that fucking horrible fabulous card design you will be getting!! SCORE.
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OH MAN. Can it be?? An actual entry where it's not just me being a loser? SAY IT AIN'T SO.

Anyway. Okay I guess I should write about the crazy past 3 weeks of CON and COSPLAY. So basically I planned for one......like forever ago. And I ended up going to like a million. Because first Julie and I were like OH MAN they got a comic convention in Long Beach!! And both of us have been slowly getting into comics like...a lot lately. SO. We decided to make an appearance there!
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Hi guys. I've actually not done a cosplay wip/progress post

So here is the bamf that this post is about. She's Claudia Auditore and this is her assassin's outfit from Brotherhood. FUNNY STORY. I wanted to do her normal version originally:

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Also if anybody wanted to know the number of time I've edited this piece of shit of a journal entry is 18 times.
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Art Dump number idek anymore

First of all. I apologize for not putting up an AX or a Kiku journal. It's been kinda hectic lately lol. MAIN POINT IS:

-Kiku is moe as hell
-AX was very fun
-Kiku's friends are fucking amazing and I love them
-Vanilla vodka is very good

Might have to actually do a really REALLY belated pic post later on though. ANYWAY. This is an art dump so enough of that.
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Oh jeez this is a lot of shit. SO YEAH. UM THIS CONCLUDES THE END OF MY ART DUMP. I actually left some crap out. Goodness.

It's been a very productive 2 months * V *